North China's autonomous region famous for grassland scenery

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1. Population: 25,340,000 (2018)

2. Location: North China

3. Area: 1,183,000 square kilometers

4. Economy

Inner Mongolia was the first autonomous region established in China in 1947.

With agriculture and stockbreeding forming the backbone of its economy, Inner Mongolia also depends on its forestry, coal mining and steel industries.

The region, which has large coal reserves, rare earth deposits, organic products and renewable energy, is a major link between China and two key Belt and Road countries - Russia and Mongolia - and has connections with 11 other countries involved in the initiative.

In 2018, Inner Mongolia's GDP increased by 5.3 percent year-on-year, while per capita disposable incomes of regional urban and rural residents were up by 7.4 percent and 9.7 percent respectively.

5. Administrative divisions

Inner Mongolia autonomous region has nine cities - Hohhot, Baotou, Wuhai, Chifeng, Tongliao, Ordos, Hulunbuir, Ulaanqab and Bayannuur; three leagues - Hinggan, Alshaa and Xiliin Gol; two municipalities with independent planning statutes -Manzhouli and Ereenhot; and 52 banners:Tumd Left Banner, Tumd Right Banner, Harchqin Banner, Aohan Banner, Ongniud Banner, Baarin Right Banner, Baarin Left Banner, Ar Horchqin Banner, Hexigten Banner, Qahar Right Wing Rear Banner, Qahar Right Wing Middle Banner, Qahar Right Wing Front Banner, Siziwang Banner, Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner, Abga Banner, Xi Ujimchin Banner, Dong Ujimchin Banner, Sonid Left Banner, Sonid Right Banner, Taibus Banner, Zhengxiangbai Banner, Zhenglan Banner, Xianghuang Banner, Chen Barga Banner, Ergune Right Banner, Ergune Left Banner, Arun Banner, Xin Barga Right Banner, Xin Barga Left Banner, Orgon Autonomous Banner, Daur Autonomous Banner of Morin Dawa, Ewenki Autonomous Banner, Horqin Left Wing Middle Banner, Horqin Left Wing Rear Banner, Huree Banner, Naiman Banner, Jaruug Banner, Juungar Banner, Uxin Banner, Ejin Horoo Banner, Otog Banner, Otog Front Banner, Hanggin Banner, Dalad Banner, Hanggin Rear Banner, Urad Middle Banner, Urad Front Banner, Urad Rear Banner, Alshaa Left Banner, Alshaa Right Banner, Ejine Banner, Jalaid Banner, Horqin Right Wing Front Banner, Horqin Right Wing Middle Banner.

6. Sister regions

International sister regions              Date signed
Zabaykalsky Krai, Russia                 Sept 15, 1990
State of California, United States      May 11, 2000
Republic of Tuva, Russia                  Dec 10, 2007
Govi-altai, Mongolia                        Dec 6, 2009

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