Fall in love with Pingtan in three days and two nights

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After visiting Jiangjun Mountain, Dafu Bay and Tannan Bay are recommended for their excellent  views of Pingtan's sea and beaches.

The most attractive view of Dafu Bay is from the white trestle with arches. The trestle is a perfect place to take photos especially in summer when the sky is clear and the sea is blue.

Tannan Bay is one of the city's natural bathing beaches. Dubbed the "platinum coast", it has a 22-km-long shoreline with enchanting seaside views. Tannan Bay will be a paradise for you if you want to play in the sea, have a barbecue or camp.


Tannan Bay, with a 22-km-long shoreline and enchanting seaside views, is known as the "platinum coast". [Photo/VCG]


Haitan Ancient City, a large cultural tourism complex built on an island featuring many buildings in ancient architectural styles, is the first tourist attraction of its kind in China.

It also has some boutique hotels and international youth hotels. During holidays, various performances will be staged in the area, especially the throwing of molten iron during the Spring Festival.



Da jin hua, or molten iron throwing, is a folk custom in Fujian and a provincial-level intangible cultural heritage. [Photo/VCG]


As you are on an island, seafood is a must-try. No matter where you are, you can find great seafood dishes in Pingtan such as seafood congee.

Beigang village, the first fishing village in Pingtan to become popular with visitors, is a unique place. It maintains a fully traditional style of stone architecture, with gray and cyan granite walls, red and grey roof tiles and cobblestone streets.

Over 10 cultural creative groups from Taiwan have settled in Beigang in recent years, boosting local tourism, opening supporting facilities such as workshops, restaurants and coffee shops to enable people to get more enjoyment out of their leisure time.

It will be a special experience for you to stay in a homestay in Beigang village for one night, especially in a stone house.

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