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Shanghai government released key work plans on its official website.

• National strategy ("Three Main Tasks and One Platform")

• Development of "Five Centers" and "Four Brands"

• Social governance/city management innovation

• Improving people's livelihoods

• Promoting major projects and key regional construction

• Rural revitalization

• Environmental protection

• Business environment

Deepen reforms in accordance with the standards of the World Bank

1. Starting a business

• Optimize the one-stop service platform.

• Go paperless in the whole process.

• Ensure convenience in every procedure of starting a business.

2. Applying for construction permits

• Further improve the classified regulation mode.

• Promote all-round reforms on the examination and approval system of construction projects.

3. Access to electricity

• Set up an online service platform for getting access to electricity.

• Reduce the frequency and time of non-systematic blackouts.

4. Property registration

• Offer online services and allow applicants to go offline for at most one time.

• Promote a new mode of immediate self-service information searching on registration of real estate.

5. Cross-border trade

• Add more functions of the "single window" services for Shanghai's international trade.

• Go paperless in the whole process of port operation.

• Optimize the insurance system for tariffs.

• Cut the time required to pass the customs.

6. Taxes

• Improve the policies on the public accumulation fund for housing.

• Offer online services for the application of higher-level tax services.

Push forward innovation in systems

1. Promoting one-stop online government services

• Cut in half both the time and the documents required for administrative approval.

• Add 100 personal affairs that can be approved on the one-stop platform.

• Improve and restructure the procedure of 100 affairs.

2. Promoting the reform of "separating operating permits and business licenses"

3. Actively improving the regulation system

• Explore and improve the fault-tolerant mechanism in administration.

• Minor operating violations that happen for the first time shall be exempted from administrative punishment in accordance with the law.

Strengthen services for specific entities

1. Enhancing support for small- and medium-sized enterprises

• Implement 27 measures to support the private economy.

2. Enhancing the protection of intellectual property

3. Setting up a more optimized exit mechanism for market entities

• Solve the problems and difficulties for companies in de-registration and bankruptcy filing.

Promote cooperation

1. Cooperation among various government departments

2. Communication between the authorities and the market

3. Connection between government authorities and academic associations

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