Achievements of 2018 Nansha

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The economy has developed steadily with high quality.

  • The number of newly added market entities was 42,000, and newly registered enterprises was 38,000.

  • The number of newly established foreign-invested enterprises has increased by 3.3-fold.

  • Thirty-six Fortune 500 companies were introduced and had invested in 135 projects.

  • Nansha International Artificial Intelligence Value Innovation Park is among the first artificial intelligence industrial parks in the province.

  • More than 130 artificial intelligence enterprises have settled inNansha.

  • The output value of the automobile industry cluster exceeded 100 billion yuan($14.84 billion) for the first time.

  • 2,967 wholly and related financial institutions (6,236 in total) were newly established.

  • 100 financial leasing aircraft were delivered.

Accelerated the gathering of innovative resources

  • The number of high-tech enterprises is expected to increase by 42% (173 new ones).

  • Patent applications have increased by approximately 98.5% year-on-year (9875in total).

  • The South China Sea Eco-Environmental Engineering Innovation Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences settled in Nansha.

  • The Southern Marine Science and Engineering Provincial Laboratory started the construction of the Deep-sea Science and Technology Innovation Center.

  • The three-year action plan for the development of the artificial intelligence industry was launched.

  • 56 high-end talent teams entered into the Guangzhou International Artificial Intelligence Industry Research Institute.

  • The Guangdong Maritime Silk RoadInstitute and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao International Youth Innovation Workshop settled in Nansha.

  • 83 Hong Kong and Macao Youth entrepreneurship teams settled in entrepreneurship workshop.

Nansha’s international shipping hub functionhas been improving

  • Nansha Port Area achieved a container throughput of 15.66 million TEUs and a commodity vehicle throughput of over one million TEUs.

  • The district's international cruise ship home port complex, the Nansha port railway and other port and shipping infrastructure are developing smoothly.

  • The fourth phase construction of Nansha Port, the international logistics center and other projects are underway.

  • The second phase of the bonded port area passed national acceptance.

  • A total of 1921 shipping logistics enterprises were added for a new total of 6,723, and the first vessel, the“Nansha", was registered.

  • Parallel import of 14,000 cars ranked second in the country.

  • Inbound and outbound passengers increased by 19.3% (480,000), ranking third in the country.

New look of urban sub-center construction

  • The construction of Metro No.18 and No.22 was accelerated.

  • 11 municipal road and bridge projects such as Pearl Bay Bridge and Lingxin Avenue were started.

  • The South China Railway Construction Center in the central area of Jiaomen River was completed.

  • Phoenix Lake City Park was put into use, and the new library and the main construction of the archive information planning exhibition center were completed.

  • 2.5 million square meters of illegal construction was identified.

  • 302 district rivers were rectified.

  • The air quality ranked second in the city.

  • The CNBC Global Technology Conference was broadcast live in Nansha for 18 hours.

  • The International Financial Forum (IFF) Global Annual Meeting and the Guangzhou International Artificial Intelligence Roundtable were successfully held.

Accelerated the development of people's livelihoods and social undertakings

  • Ten work goals for improving livelihoods were achieved.

  • SCNU No. 2 Middle School was put into use, and the primary school affiliated to Guangzhou Foreign Language School started formal enrollment.

  • Kindergarten, primary and secondary school students numbering 5,490 were newly enrolled.

  • Construction began on the Guangzhou Second Middle School,Tianyuan School, and the middle school affiliated to Guangzhou University.

  • The follow-up project of the second phase of the Nansha District and Central Hospital of Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center was accelerated.

  • The first Hospital (Nansha) affiliated to Sun Yat-sen University started construction, and the Nansha Hospital of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine settled in Nansha.

  • Construction of the only national health tourism demonstration base in the province was started.

  • 22 elder-caredining halls were added.

  • Full coverage of beautiful countryside in the district was attained.

  • A series of cultural and sports events such as the Volvo International Sailing Festival and the International Cruise Ship Tourism Culture Festival was held.


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