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Tips on dietary supplement

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With the increasing awareness of health, dietary supplements have become a popular choice for many people, especially the middle-aged and the elderly. However, you should take a scientific and cautious approach towards health care products. Improper use will not improve one’s health, and may even have adverse effects.

How to select dietary supplements correctly?

1. To purchase dietary supplements, you should identify the logo and the approval number on the product package. 

2. Dietary supplements should be selected according to their functions; never use them blindly.

3. Dietary supplements cannot replace medicines and cannot be used as a panacea.

4. Dietary supplements should be taken in accordance with instructions on the labels.

5. Dietary supplements do not contain all the nutrients and cannot replace other foods. You should not give up a normal diet.

6. Do not take dietary supplements that exceed the expiry date or that have gone bad.

7. Don't carelessly trust promotional words on TV, the Internet and of health care product salespeople.

                          Logo of dietary supplement

What are the functions of dietary supplements?

At present, China has approved 27 kinds of dietary supplements with health care effects, including: for enhancing immunity, assisting in reducing blood fat, assisting in lowering blood glucose, resisting oxidation, assisting in improving memory, relieving visual fatigue, helping lead excretion, clearing the throat, assisting in lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, promoting lactation, relieving physical fatigue, improving anoxia tolerance, assisting in protection against radiation damage, reducing weight, improving physical growth and development, increasing bone density, improving nutritional anemia, assisting in protecting against liver injury caused by chemicals, removing acne, removing chloasma, improving skin moisture, improving skin oil content, regulating intestinal flora, promoting digestion, spurring bowel movements, and assisting in protection against gastric mucosa injury.

It should be noted that none of these have anything to do with the treatment of diseases.

What is supposed to be indicated on the labels and in product manuals?

When purchasing dietary supplement, please note that the following items must be marked in the product specifications and product manuals.

Name of the dietary supplement

Dietary supplement logo and dietary supplement approval number

Net content and solid content


Functional ingredients

Health care functions

Targeting group

Taking method

Date indication

Storage method

Implemented standard(s)

Name and address of the dietary supplement manufacturer

Special notes (if any)

Note: The guidance is for reference only. It is recommended to choose and take dietary supplements with professional help.

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