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Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

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Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (GZUCM), established in 1956, is one of China's four oldest traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) institutes of higher education in China and a key TCM university supervised by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Guangdong provincial government. Its current name was determined in 1995. GZUCM was one of the first universities to confer master's and doctoral degrees.

The university consists two campuses, covering 1,377 mu (918,000 square meters) in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province.

With years of striving GZUCM has steadily accumulated rich traditional Chinese culture, and enabled comprehensive study in Chinese medicine, as well as in-depth and extensive research on Western culture and modern medicine. It recognizes that the development of Chinese medicine not only demands mutual learning between Oriental and Western cultures and Chinese and Western medicine, but also a combination of science and humanities and ancient and modern cultures.

Over the past fifty years' sustained efforts, GZUCM has become a modern comprehensive TCM higher education research institute consisting of 16 colleges and offering 27 undergraduate disciplines.

In August 2007, Chinese Medicine Science was designated a national first-level key discipline. Also, GZUCM offers 25 National Administration of Chinese Medicine key disciplines, four prominent disciplines (Chinese Medicine Science, Chinese Materia Medica Science, Acupuncture and Tuina Massage, Pharmaceutical Engineering) at provincial level, 19 doctoral programs, 24 master programs and three post-doctoral stations. The doctoral and master's programs cover all the first-level disciplines of Chinese Medicine Science, Chinese Materia Medica Science and Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine.

Facing rapidly developing science and technology, GZUCM inherits an outstanding historical heritage, maintains the unique features and charm of South of Five Ridges, keeps abreast of frontier science, improves strict academic disciplines and ensures its academic and educational fame at home and abroad. The university now has more than 16,000 students including over 3,767 postgraduate students and over 12,000 undergraduates and junior college students.

Each campus has a branch of the university library, the area in use being 32,000 square meters. The number of books is 960,000 and there are more than 60 database products. The digital resources are the most advanced among national universities of Chinese Medicine.

For more than 30 years, GZUCM has offered foreign education through various channels and in various forms and has obtained favorable social and economic benefits. It started to enroll oversea students from 1974, and has cultivated over 20,000 TCM talents for more than 110 countries and regions. It has also established cooperative relationships with more than 50 countries and regions and signed collaboration agreements with several foreign universities.

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