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Emergency treatment to the elderly with ankle sprain

Updated: Dec 28, 2018 Print
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In daily life, the elderly are prone to ankle sprain. Once an ankle injury occurs, emergency treatment should be offered according to the following methods:

1. Stop walking, exercising or working immediately, take a seat or a lying position, use padding to raise the foot high in order to facilitate venous reflux, thereby reduce swelling and pain.

2. Immediately apply ice bags or cold towels on the injury to constrict capillaries and reduce bleeding or exudation, which will reduce swelling and pain. Buy ice sticks and ice cream, smash and apply to the wounds if there are no ice cubes available.

3. At the same time as or after cold compresses, cloth such as bandage and triangle towel can be used to compress and bandage around the ankle joint. Use several wide tapes to paste and fix the ankle joints from the sole of the foot to the ankle and dorsum of the foot, so as to reduce motion and the traction of injured collateral ligaments or muscles, thereby reducing or avoiding aggravating the injury.

4. If a fracture has occurred or is suspected, two pieces of 30-centimeter-long wood or cardboard should be placed on both sides of the injured area, and cotton pads and towels should be added to the injured area. You should fix two pieces of wood board with bandages or triangular towels and then go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

5. Neither massage the injury nor apply hot compress immediately. The hot compress should be carried out 24 hours later.

Note:The guidance is for reference only. It is recommended to conduct specific treatment with professional help.

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