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Kalajun Grassland, Ili Kazak autonomous prefecture Print
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Kalajun Grassland, Ili Kazak autonomous prefecture

(新疆自治区伊犁州喀拉峻景区 xīn jiāng zì zhì qū yī lí zhōu kā lā jùn jǐng qū)

Kuokesu Valley, Kalajun Grassland [Photo/VCG]

Covering an area of 2,848 square kilometers in Tekes county, Kalajun Grassland is up to between 2000 and 3600 meters above sea level. It is the transitional zone from west Tianshan Mountain to Ili Valley. The scenic area highlights include Kalajun Lake, Kuokesu Valley, Crocodile Cove, and Tessellated Meadow. The rich stretch of prairie is verdant with grass and dotted with foliage and flowers.

Here, visitors can enjoy an unobstructed view of the far horizons and the wide blue canopy. Sturdy steeds, cattle and sheep can be seen galloping on the grassland, carefree and at liberty to run to their hearts’ content. Visitors can still feel comfortably cool even in the summer thanks to the high altitude. The green mat is also an ideal place to come to for escaping the bustle of city life and embracing nature.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA

Opening Hours: 8:00 – 20:00

Ticket Price: 80 yuan ($11.62) for Kalajun Grassland; 40 yuan for Kuokesu Valley; discounts with valid certificates

Address: Tekes county, Ili Kazak autonomous prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region

1. Pay attention to the weather forecast before traveling. Due to the high altitude of alpine grasslands, the temperature there is usually lower than in the city and warm clothes are necessary. Meantime, certain sun protection measures should be taken. In addition, visitors need to bring rain gear as it often rains in mountain areas.
2. Mountaineering equipment such as hiking shoes and alpenstocks is necessary.

Kalajun Grassland, Ili Kazak autonomous prefecture [Photo/VCG]
Nomads’ tents located on the grassland [Photo/VCG]

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2018

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