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Ways to keep your child from injuries at home

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1. Avoid child poisoning
Toxic items can be seen everywhere in life, in detergents, shoe polishes, medicines and anything containing lead. Inadvertent use can cause poisoning.

The most effective way to avoid child poisoning is to prevent your child from having access to these items. Put the medicine in a safe package that is difficult to open, and medicines for chronic conditions that need to be taken at home for a long time are best stored away from children to prevent them taking doses on their own.

When giving your child medicine, don't tell them the medicine is a candy; such language is conceptually confusing. Always educate your child about safety and tell them what they can't eat casually.

2. Avoid suffocation

In addition to melon seeds, beans, pomegranates and other such foods, nails, pins, coins, buttons and other small items also often cause children to suffocate. Children should be quiet when eating, should not talk, laugh, run, or tease. It's best to stay upright and sit in a fixed dining chair.

If your child's chewing and swallowing function does not respond well to certain foods, parents may change the food form or temporarily not serve that food. Frequently sweep the house throughout, quickly clean up small objects that children may encounter, and of course, educate the child about safety awareness.

3. Avoid burns and scalds

It is best to use a sealed, insulated cup to drink warm water. Do not place a pot with hot water such as a kettle or teapot on the table. It is recommended to use a table mat instead of a tablecloth. If a tablecloth is used, a child may pull on it, overturning everything on the table and scalding them. Don't let your child get close to the stove, iron, or other heated devices.

4. Avoid drowning and falling
Parents must take special care when bathing the children and should not let the children bathe alone until they are old enough. The toilet, washing machine, water tank, etc. should be covered at all times. Children should not stand alone on tables and chairs. Windows should be locked, or protective fences should be installed. The height and slope of the stairs should be suitable for the growth and development of preschool children, and the bathroom should be provided with non-slip tiles.

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