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Tips for living in China: how to keep your child safe in public

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Nothing is more important than keeping your child safe. If you and your child are new to China, the following suggestions may give you some help.

Tips for road safety:

1. Take care of your child when taking public transportation. In China, buses and subways may be more crowded than you have imagined, especially in rush hours. Never try to squeeze in with your child when the door is closing and make sure your child is always beside you on the train, bus or subway.

2. Teach your child the traffic rules in China as soon as possible, including all kinds of signs and marks on the road. It is wise to set an example for the kids. Always cross the road with one hundred percent caution. Never jump the traffic lights. Do not let children cross the road alone unless they are old enough.

3. Use a child safety belt when driving a car. Never leave your child alone in a locked car, even for one minute. In summer, the temperature in a closed car can rise strikingly high in a short period of time and put your child in danger.

4. In China, children under 12 cannot ride a bike on the road. For children above 12, it is recommended to wear a helmet when riding or skateboarding.

Tips for public places:

Parents should also be careful when taking a child to public places like shopping malls, restaurants and hospitals.

1. Teach the children the exit sign in China as soon as they are able to learn.

2. Dress the children in bright colors so you can easily find them in the crowd.

3. It is recommended to make an information card (with your name and contact number on it) for young kids who cannot remember personal information. For older children, discuss a location to meet should you get separated, for example, the reception desk in the mall.

4. Many restaurants in China now have child booster seats. Ask for one for your child if necessary.

Tips for trips and entertainment:

1. You may find a number of places of attraction to visit in China, but consider carefully how suitable they are for your children before setting out. It may be an improper choice to take your young kids to mountains far away on a cold day or to a popular museum during a crowded vacation. Decisions should be made based on the weather, distance and specific situation.

2. Remember to keep your child safe in an amusement park as well. Read the height and weight rules carefully and follow the directions of the staff in charge. Think it over before accepting the child’s demand for a thrilling game or ride.

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