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For parents: tips for getting your child vaccinated

Updated: Dec 18, 2018 Print
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1. Obtaining a vaccination certificate in time

In general, parents of a neonate shall take the registration card of the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine and BCG vaccine provided by the hospital at the birth of the child to the inoculation site in the place where the child lives within one month of birth to obtain a child’s vaccination certificate.

When dealing with the vaccination certificate, parents should give vaccination personnel their contact information and address. Every time the child is vaccinated, parents must carry the certificate and have the vaccination record updated by the medical personnel, so that all vaccinations can be completed in accordance with the prescribed procedures and to prevent mistakes. At the same time, the child’s vaccination certificate must be examined when they are enrolled in any child-care center, kindergarten, school or when they leave the country.

Parents should take good care of the child's vaccination certificate. If you have not obtained the certificate or it is damaged or lost, you should apply immediately for re-issuance at the inoculation facility.

2. Suggestions for vaccination

Parents should take the child to qualified inoculation entities to ensure that children are vaccinated safely. Before each vaccination, parents should inform the doctor of the child's health status. If the vaccination cannot be completed due to physical discomfort or other reasons on that day, the child shall be vaccinated after recovery.

A very few children will have abnormal reactions after vaccination due to individual differences, so it is necessary to stay in the inoculation site for at least 30 minutes. If there are general reactions such as fever and swelling at the inoculation site, extra attention should be paid. Generally, no treatment is needed. When necessary, rest is needed to prevent secondary diseases. If high fever does not subside or is accompanied by other complications, the child should immediately be sent to the hospital.

3. Vaccination for migrant children

The vaccination of migrant children in China is conducted locally (where they live), and migrant children enjoy the same vaccination services as other children. If children no more than 6 years old have moved to another province, they can directly take the vaccination certificate issued by the health department of their original residence to the vaccination site of their current residence. If they have not obtained the vaccination certificate yet or the certificate is lost, it can be re-issued.

4. Tips for children with vaccination experience abroad

If a foreign child has vaccination experience abroad, the parents should provide the doctor with the previous vaccination record (preferably in Chinese) when vaccinating in China. Professional medical advice is required.







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