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Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

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Zhejiang Chinese Medical University is located near the south bank of the Qianjiang River, in the city of Hangzhou, a world-famous tourist resort known for its beautiful scenery and rich cultural heritage.

Based on Zhejiang Training School of TCM, founded in 1953, Zhejiang College of TCM was officially established in 1959 and relocated at its present location in 2000. In February 2006, it was renamed as Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU).

The faculty has kept the school motto "Seek the Origin at High Aspiration" in mind and worked with innovation and aspiration to improve the educational quality and strength of the university, which has advanced by leaps and bounds.

In 1998, ZCMU was the first of the provincial universities authorized to grant doctoral degrees. In 1999, ZCMU set up its orientation of "coordinated development in various fields with focus on TCM". In 2001, it was awarded a rating of "Excellence" for undergraduate education by the Ministry of Education. Two years later, it took the lead among provincial universities in establishing the TCM post-doctoral station, and in the same year, the former Zhejiang Jiangong Hospital became its second affiliated hospital. In 2005, two specialties were listed as top priorities supported by Zhejiang Province. In 2006, the then Zhejiang College of TCM was renamed as Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. In 2007, it got the first key specialty at the State level among all the provincial universities, and Li Dapeng, a university fellow and researcher, was elected as a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. In 2008, it was again given a rating of "Excellence" for undergraduate education by the Ministry of Education. In the same year, the First Affiliated Hospital of ZCMU was approved to be a state drug administration base for clinical trials and won another two top priority specialties at provincial level. Zhejiang Post & Tele Hospital was merged into the Third Affiliated Hospital of ZCMU. In 2009, the university was authorized to grant doctoral degrees in Clinical Medicine and He Ren, the former President of ZCMU, was honored by the Chinese government with the title of "Master of Chinese Medicine".

ZCMU is composed of 15 colleges, three directly affiliated hospitals and 20 indirectly affiliated hospitals. It offers 31 undergraduate majors in the five fields of medicine, science, engineering, management, and arts, among which there are five unique specialties at state level and eight at provincial level. It also boasts three post-doctoral stations, five doctor stations, 23 post-graduate stations, one key specialty at state level, nine at provincial level and 10 TCM research laboratories sponsored by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There are 16,000 registered students at the university, including 2,027 postgraduates, over 13,500 undergraduates, 235 doctoral students and 513 oversea students.

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