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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Snow Mountain), Lijiang Print
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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Snow Mountain), Lijiang

(玉龙雪山 yù lóng xuě shān)

The snow-covered Jade Dragon Snow Mountain [Photo/IC]

Looking north from the Old Town of Lijiang 15 kilometers (nine miles) away, the snow-covered and fog shrouded mountain resembles a jade dragon lying in the clouds, hence, the name Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Snow Mountain).

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the southernmost glacier in the Northern Hemisphere. Consisting of 13 peaks, among which Shanzidou is the highest one with an altitude of 5,600 meters, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain stretches a length of 35 km, 20 km wide.

The 13 peaks, which have the altitudes of at least 4,000 meters, are covered by snow all year round. The mountain is called the “Natural Glacier Museum” for it the variety of glaciers it has.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a sanctuary for rare animals and wild plants. In fact, one fourth of all plant species in China can be found here. These species live in different temperature levels and create different kinds of views of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

It is now a famous scenic spot for sightseeing, mountaineering, skiing, exploration, scientific research and holidays. Besides, widespread legends and myths of the Naxi ethnic group and the unclimbed Shanzidou are all important attractive spots for those who come to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA

Opening Hours: 7:00 – 18:00 (stop selling at 16:00)

Ticket Price: 130 yuan ($19), discounts with valid certificates

Address: Yulong Naxi autonomous county, Lijiang, Yunnan province

Tel: +86-888-5161501, 5161768

Website:  (Chinese)


Buy oxygen bottles when climbing the mountains.

A large bloom of rapeseed under the feet of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain [Photo/IC]
Blue Moon Valley at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain [Photo/IC]

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2018

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