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How to get vaccinated

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According to the regulations on the administration of circulation and inoculation, vaccination institutions must:

1. Have a practicing license of medical institution.

2. Have practicing physicians, assistant practicing physicians, nurses or village physicians who have received the professional training on vaccination organized by the health authority of county-level government and gained the qualification.

3. Be equipped with refrigerating facilities, equipment and refrigerating storage systems that meet the requirements of rules and regulations on vaccine storage and logistics.

In China, vaccination service providers mainly include inoculation outpatient services in hospitals and community health service centers authorized by the State.

Here are some suggestions for getting vaccinated in China.

1. In principle, you should select an inoculation site near your place of residence. You can consult the vaccination service provider list on the official website of the local health authority. Before receiving vaccination, you should check whether the entity is qualified.

2. It is recommended to call in advance to confirm whether the inoculation center provides vaccination services for foreigners and to make an appointment.

3. Foreigners need to show passport and other valid identity documents for vaccination. Children need to provide previous vaccination records. If you are to get vaccinated in a community service center in your neighborhood, you usually need to show a residence certificate or a real estate certificate, or a rental contract. The specific situation shall be based on the requirements of the local inoculation entity.

4. Before vaccination, you should be informed of the variety, function, contraindications, adverse reactions and precautions of vaccines by the doctor, and get vaccinated according to your own health status.

5. After vaccination, you should stay in the vaccination site for observation according to the requirements, and communicate with doctors in time if there are serious adverse reactions. An appointment for the next dose can be made if necessary.

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