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Three days in Harbin: A perfect 72-hour itinerary Print
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Food tips:

With its Russian influence and ethnic minority cuisines, Harbin's food is heavy and flavorsome.

Winter is the best time to sample some of the city's traditional northeast dishes, especially Fried Potato with Green Pepper and Eggplant (地三鲜), Stewed Chick with Mushrooms (小鸡炖蘑菇), Stewed Pork with Vermicelli (猪肉炖粉条) and Quick-boiled White and Red Pork (汆白肉).

Daowai district is known for its restaurants serving traditional northeastern fare. Recommended eateries include Futailou Restaurant (福泰楼), Bei Lai Shun Restaurant (北来顺), Jiangnanchun Restaurant (江南春), Dongfang Dumpling Restaurant (东方饺子王) and Wu’s Stewed Restaurant (吴记酱骨头炖菜馆). 

But anyone looking for a bite to eat does not need to limit themselves to Chinese food; Harbin boasts a number of outstanding Russian restaurants, mainly concentrated near Central Avenue. Restaurants that get regularly recommended include Huamei Western Restaurant (华梅西餐厅), Sigma Restaurant (西格玛食府), Lucia coffee restaurant (露西亚咖啡西餐厅) and Modern Western Restaurant (马迭尔西餐厅). 

And if you have a sweet tooth, you shouldn't miss Harbin's snacks and desserts. Famous snacks include Great lieba (the Russian chljeb "bread"), a large round bread baked with beer yeast; red sausages (western-style sausages cooked on a wood fire); frozen desserts, which are delicate, nutritious and sweet; as well as persimmon jelly and frozen pears, a special delicacy made during Harbin's low winter temperatures. 

Bars to try:

Sep Bar on Jiaonan Street, a British-style bar for those who like to enjoy a whisky in quiet surroundings; Cosmo Bar in Aijian Huili Square, a lively watering hole that regularly attracts energetic punters and foreign DJs; and Boom Boom Room Bar on Huanghe Road near Huizhan Park, an action-packed bar with regular activities for customers.


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Last Updated: Sep 10, 2018

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