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Updated: Jun 4, 2018 China Daily Print
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Babies Proms Returns to Sydney Opera House

Date: June 2-3-7:30 pm

Venue: Guangzhou Opera House

Renowned pianist Simon Tedeschi will don a powdered wig and assume the persona of the musical wunderkind himself, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In Meeting Mozart children will be introduced to the full range of his work, from Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and his operatic arias. They will also encounter a range of instruments in the Babies Proms ensemble and discover some of our best-known and loved classical music. Simon Tedeschi is one of Australia's finest musicians. After performing his first Mozart Piano Concerto at the Sydney Opera House at the age of 9, he has gone on to win a sting of international prizes and scholarships including an ARIA award for Classical Record of the Year. Simon said, "Mozart is the greatest contradiction in the universe. The marriage between innocence and gravitas makes him the biggest kid of them all. I jumped at the chance to 'play' Mozart not only because his music speaks to me with a directness that is unmatched, but because I have always been fascinated with this beguiling character who wrote music as if guided by both the ineffable forces of nature and whatever lies beyond. The opportunity to share this experience with the young (and the young at heart) will let me be a kid and communicate in a language that will hopefully remain with them for the rest of their lives."

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