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The 360buy Jingdong Mall (京东商城) is China's largest 3C online shopping professional platform in the business to consumer (B2C) market. It is one of the most popular and influential e-commerce websites with a daily processing order of greater than 300,000.

In 2010, it became China's first online retailer of 10 billion yuan ($1.58 billion) with an annual growth rate of over 200 percent in six consecutive years. It now occupies 35.6 percent of Chinese online retail market share and has achieved the best performance of its sector in the past successive 10 quarters.

Compared with similar e-commerce sites, 360buy has a larger product catalog. Its online sales involves 11 categories with tens of thousands of brands, including home appliances, digital communication products, computer, home furnishing, apparel, maternal and child supplies, books, and food. Its strengths also lie in competitive pricing and quality logistics and distribution systems, thus contributing to its top market share in the area for many years.

Focusing on "product, price, and service", 360buy strives to enhance three core competencies of information systems, product operations and logistics technology. With service, innovation and consumer's value maximization as its development goals, the company aims to build 360buy into the most valuable domestic B2C e-commerce site and China's 3C e-commerce leader.

360buy is second to none when it comes to page view (PV), clickthrough rate (CTR), sales volume, popularity and influence among domestic 3C online shopping platforms. In 2008, the world's leading venture capital funds, Capital Today invested $10 million in the retailer. The goal of this joint effort is to break down the existing sales mode known as simultaneous operation of e-commerce online sales and physical stores. The traditional consumption pattern is hoped to be replaced by the sole online e-commerce model.


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