Marriage certificate replacement

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Administrative Authority

Beijing Civil Affairs Bureaus for each district

Working Hours

9 am to 11:30 am and 1:30 pm to 5 pm, Monday to Saturday (Except holidays)  

Application Conditions

1. Both the man and the woman had applied for marriage registration;

2. The marriage registration was processed by the Marriage Registry of Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau;

3. Both parties remain in marriage relationship;

4. The marriage certificates were lost, damaged or inconsistent.

Materials Required

1. Residence booklet;

2. Identity card;

3. Valid identification papers of the overseas party;

4. Marriage certificate (for damaged or inconsistent cases only) ;

5. Marriage registration record and proof provided by marriage registration archive keeping agency (archive checking proof) ;

6. Three recent, bareheaded group photos (5×4 cm) of both parties

Processing Procedure

I. Acceptance

1. Both parties fill in the Statement of Application for Marriage Certificate Replacement;

2. The marriage registrar testifies the oath and signs.

II. Examination

1. Examine whether the certificates and evidences are complete and effective;

2. Inquire about relevant circumstances;

3. Investigate whether the marriage registration record is true.

III. Replacement

1.The marriage certificate will be replaced, provided that the examination confirms that materials submitted are true and in compliance with replacement conditions

2. Should those applications fail to meet the replacement conditions, the marriage certificate will not be replaced and the reasons shall be explained to both parties on site.

Processing Time Limit

Instant processing (Those applications comply with the replacement conditions, the marriage certificate will be replaced on site)

Charging Standard

The charge for marriage registration certificate is 9 yuan per couple

Charging Basis

1. Notice of the State Development Planning Commission and the Ministry of Finance on Unifying the Double Charging Standards both Inside and Outside (Jing Jia Ge [2001] No 523);

2. Notice on Marriage Certificate Charging Standards issued by the Beijing Commodity Price Bureau and the Municipal Finance Bureau (Jing Jia (Shou) Zi [2002] No 045). 

Regulation Basis

1. Marriage Law of the People's Republic of China;

2. Regulations on the Control of Marriage Registration;

3. Provisions on the Implementation of 'Regulations on the Control of Marriage Registration' in Beijing

Office Address

As of Sept 26 2014, all marriage registrations between Beijing citizens and foreigners, and foreigners with foreigners will no longer be registered at the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau. Marriages of this type will now be registered at the Civil Affairs Bureau in the local district you reside in.

Inquiry Hotlines

+86-96156 (24-hour manual service)

+86-10-6539-5015 (manual), 6539-5016 (manual), 6539-5018 (manual)

6586-2999 (voice), 6586-6660 (voice)

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