Introduction of "Beijing Overseas Talent Pooling Program"

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Beijing Overseas Talent Pooling Program is designed to set up 10 Research and Development (R&D) teams led by strategic scientists, build 50 high-tech innovation teams led by leading talents of science and technology and introduce 1,000 overseas high-level talents to innovate and start up businesses in Beijing, while preferentially supporting them. The project also aims to establish 10 innovation bases for overseas high-caliber talents and by 2020 attract thousands of excellent Chinese overseas students to innovate and start up business in Beijing.

Who are qualified?

If you are non-ethnic Chinese, aged below 65 years of age and meet the talent introducing standard in method on encouraging High-level Overseas Talents to Work or Start Business in Beijing, we welcome you to apply for the Beijing Overseas Talent Pooling Program.

Beijing Overseas Talent Pooling Program comprises of long-term and short-term projects.

If you have already signed a formal labor contract or letter of intent with an employer and have worked successively in Beijing for at least 3 years with none of the work duration being less than 6 months, or if you have signed a contract with an employer after July 1, 2011, you may apply for a long-term project.

You can apply for the short-term projects if you meet any of the following criteria:

· If you already have a full-time job in Beijing, with clear and specific work tasks and goals and you are capable of making breakthroughs in key technologies and push forward the development of high-tech industries or emerging disciplines.

· If you have signed a formal labor contract or letter of intent with an employer and have clarified IPR of work achievement within the contract period.

 If you have worked successively in Beijing for at least 3 years

, or if you have signed a contract with an employer after Jan 1, 2012.

How to apply?

The application body includes municipal high school, medical organizations, State-owned companies, R&D institutes, county and district governments, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone and other private enterprises or agencies in some high-tech development zones, such as High-tech Business Incubator, Overseas Students Pioneer Park, University Science Park and various other industrial parks.

Long-term and short-term projects for foreign experts must be applied by employers as organized by the supervisory government. As an applicant, employers should fill in the application form for long-term or short-term projects, and prepare relevant attachments for the supervisory department to review. After review and summary, the supervisory department will submit the material to the Beijing Administration of Foreigners Affairs for initial review, after which it will be submitted to the Beijing Overseas Talents Center.


If your situation meets the talents-introducing standard of Beijing Overseas Talent Pooling Program and you are ready to come to Beijing to work, but you haven’t landed a position yet, you can choose to apply through self-recommendation or recommendation. You could submit the “Beijing High-level Overseas Talents Self-recommendation and Recommendation Form” and attached material to the Beijing Overseas Talents Center. Applicants can obtain the qualification after experts’ review and other procedures. After the applicants sign labor contract with the employers, it will be reported to the Beijing Overseas Talents Service Joint Council for review and the salary will be determined based on relevant policies.

What documents should you prepare?

When applying, prepare an application form and attachments, making five copies plus a copy of personal information. The application form and attachments should be bound separately, just like the personal information page.

Attachments include:

Qualification or credentials (education background/academic certificate and certification from the Ministry of Education, supporting documents for overseas study, identification card and passport)

Labor contract or letter of intent signed with employers, evidentiary materials for overseas employment as well as current position or title

Major achievements (main projects, theses, works, patent, award or certificate etc that you have led or participated in)

A copy of employer's business license or certificate of legal person, and a copy of organizing institution bar code certificate and other relevant certificates

If your employer is an enterprise, you need to submit basic information of the enterprise’s operations (including company profile, articles of association, audit report for the past three years, main products, market outlook etc)

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