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Penglai Pavilion

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Penglai Pavilion


The Penglai Pavilion is situated on the seashore cliff at the north of Penglai City, Yantai of Shandong Province. It was rated as the 5A-level national tourism attraction in 2007. It was first constructed in 1070 of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The Penglai Pavilion and other three buildings, namely the Tengwang Pavilion, the Huanghe Tower and the Yueyang Tower, are collectively called the top four famous buildings of ancient China. The Penglai Pavilion is an ancient architectural complex, mainly including the Lyuzu Hall, the Sanqing Hall, the Penglai Pavilion, the Tianhou Palace, the Mituo Temple and other buildings. Every building includes towers, halls, booths, platforms and other structures that have their own distinctive styles. One marvelous spectacle of the Penglai Pavilion is the mirage, which attracts countless tourists every year.

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