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Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China

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Chapter II Exit and Entry of Chinese Citizens

Article 9 Chinese citizens who exit or enter China shall, in accordance with the law, apply for passports or other travel documents.

Chinese citizens bound for other countries or regions shall obtain visas or other entry permits from destination countries, unless the Chinese government has signed visa exemption agreements with the governments of those countries, or otherwise stipulated by the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Chinese citizens who exit or enter China as seamen or work on foreign ships shall apply for seamen’s certificates in accordance with the law.

Article 10 Chinese citizens who travel between the Mainland and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, between the Mainland and the Macao Special Administrative Region, and between the Mainland and Taiwan Region, shall apply for exit/entry permits in accordance with the law, and abide by the relevant provisions of this Law. The specific administrative measures shall be stipulated by the State Council.

Article 11 Chinese citizens who exit or enter China shall submit their exit/entry documents such as passports or other travel documents to the exit/entry border inspection authorities for examination, go through the prescribed formalities, and may exit or enter upon examination and approval.

For ports that meet relevant conditions, exit/entry border inspection authorities shall provide convenience such as special lanes for the exit and entry of Chinese citizens.

Article 12 Under any of the following circumstances, Chinese citizens are not allowed to exit China:

(1) Hold no valid exit/entry documents, or refuse or evade border inspection;

(2) Are sentenced to criminal punishments, the execution of which have not been completed, or are suspects or defendants in criminal cases;

(3) Are involved in unsettled civil cases and not allowed to exit China upon decision of the people’s courts;

(4) Are subject to criminal punishment for impairing border administration, or are repatriated by other countries or regions due to illegal exit from China, illegal residence or illegal employment, and the No-Exit-from-China period has not expired;

(5) May endanger national security or interests, and are not allowed to exit China upon decision by competent departments under the State Council; or

(6) Other circumstances in which exit from China is not allowed in accordance with laws or administrative regulations.

Article 13 Chinese citizens residing abroad who desire to return to China for permanent residence shall, prior to the entry, file applications with Chinese embassies or consulates or other institutions stationed abroad entrusted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They may also file such applications to the overseas Chinese affairs departments under the local people’s governments at or above the county level of the proposed places of permanent residence on their own or via their relatives in China.

Article 14 When handling financial affairs or affairs involving education, medical treatment, transportation, telecommunications, social insurance or property registration, where identity certificates are required, Chinese citizens residing abroad may provide their passports for proof of identity.

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