Zhejiang to focus on intellectual property

Updated: Nov 23, 2017 Print
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Zhejiang province recently released an intellectual property (IP) scheme for the further protection and development of industries in the province.

The scheme raises six general regulations to improve current IP policies, augment administrative government management and services, strengthen IP protection rights, promote the allocation of IP resources and balance the layout of IP patents in the region.

The document also sets the expectation of every one thousand Zhejiang people having over 17 patents for invention and the total number of IP patents of invention to account for 30 percent of the province. For registered trademarks, Zhejiang province hopes to reach one and a half million over the following four years.

Four major tasks are established for the next few years to better realize these goals.

Zhejiang will reform IP policy by promoting the comprehensive management of patents, trademarks and copyrights. Boosting the commercialization of university and research institute IP achievements is also on the province's agenda.

The provincial government has vowed to crack down on any acts infringing IP rights. Special IP protection operations will be carried out in key areas, including cyberspace.

Zhejiang will also focus on developing IP-intensive industries and a group of leading IP management companies to improve quality of IP protection and enhance social development.

Zhejiang will optimize IP services for companies and individuals. Two thousand companies providing IP services are expected to exist in the province by 2020. Financial services will be an additional focus, as will be the recruitment talented personnel in the sector.

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