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Tianjin People's Art Theater

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The Tianjin People's Art Theater was established in September 1951. Its predecessor was the North China Mass Theater.

Since its establishment, it has staged over 260 plays. They are, Dedicated the Communist Party, The Revolutionary family, Red Storm, Thunderstorm, The Family, Sunrise, Phoenix Hairpin, Falling Snow Presents The Spring, Julius Fucik, the Dawn over Moscow, The Servant of Two masters, Sugarcane Field, The Guard s Under The Neon Light, The Young Generation, When the Maple Growing Red, News Boy, Cai Wenji, Wandering for a Living in the world, The Wedding, The Legend of China Town, The Couples, The Snake Deity, Six Men Looking For Hope, Separation, The Emperor Tang Ming with his Favorite Concubine Yang, Coquettish Village Girls, King Lear, The Twilight of Moscow, A Streetcar Named Desire (excellent performance prize winner of the 1stChina National Play and Opera Festival), Perfect Match Caused By A Dragon Teapot, The Convoy, Goodman Living Forever, White Snow and Red Banner, What a Big Family, Joy-lasting Bell (six prize winner in the 1993 China International Mini Theater Play seminar), Passion of Last Night, Night Whispers Between the Couple, Lord Fourth and His Crickets, and etc. Lord Fourth and His Crickets won nine prizes in the new play exchange performance to commemorate the 90thanniversary of China's drama launched by the Ministry of Culture. The chief actor Zhang Jinyuan won the 15th Plum Blossom Award and the 9thshanghai White Magnolia Award, The playwright Xu Ruisheng won the nomination for Cao Yu Drama Literature Award.

The Theater has lots of famous artists as follows: Fang Chen, Lu Xi, Ma Chao, Yan Meiyi, Zhu Zhang, Li Qihou, Kong Xiangyu and others. It also has a group of young and middle-aged artists, for example Xu Ruisheng, Chang Ruyuan, Zhang Yansheng, Zhao Tao, Zheng Tianyong, Zhang Jinyuan, Wang Guansheng Zhou iwei, Hao ingchen and Liang Song.

Address: No. 43 Pingshan Dao, Hexi District, Tianjin

Post code: 300074

Tel: (022) 23341090

Fax: (022) 23341090


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