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Modern Drama Theater of Hebei Province

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The Modern Drama Theater of Hebei Province, formerly Jizhong People's Drama Society, Jinan Art Troupe and Hebei Provincial Art Troupe, was founded in 1953.

He troupe once staged Brother and Sister Reclaim Wasteland, The Couple Learn the Read, White-haired Girl, Real Gold, and Family Love. Since 1953, the troupe has staged over 130 new dramas.

Among them, Red Flag Story, Fighting the Flood, Sunny Day, Festive Mood, Spring Comes Everywhere, Xing Yanzi, Old Eight Route Army Man and Kids, Qiao Ge'er, Flying Geese, An Unquiet Night have won awards in screenplay, directing, choreography and performance at provincial and national levels. To better develop the drama art, the Troupe has also staged excellent classic Chinese and Foreign dramas such as Dawn Over Moscow Julius Fucik, Lu You and Tang Wan, Peach Blossom Fan, Liu Hulan, Missing the Capital of Chang'an, Red Storm, Thunderstorm, Fishermen's Family, Song of Youth, Red Cliff, Younger Generation, Lei Feng, the Model Soldier, The Long March, The Xi'an Incident, Count of the Monte Cristo, Red Nose, and Absolute Signal.

Major artists of the Troupe include Sun Demin, Song Yingjie, Zhou Cunli, Fang Rui, Shen Yun, Jin Zhen, Fan Yanhua, Wang Shuying, Deng Yinhe and Liu Xiaomei.

Address: No. 76, Fuqiang Avenue, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province

Post code: 050021

Tel: (0311) 5815091   5814968


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