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Tentative regulation on visually impaired passengers with guide dogs

Updated: Mar 4, 2016 Print
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The regulation is formulated to ensure that visually-impaired passengers may travel conveniently by train, good order will be maintained in the stations and on the trains, and passengers’safety will be guaranteed.

1. Guide dog here refers to the service dog which has obtained a work permit (the work permit of a guide dog includes its owner’s information and the stamp of the public security department, the disabled persons’ federation, or the International Guide Dog Federation) after special training to assist visually impaired persons.

2. So that the railway may provide timely service and create a good environment for passengers, passengers are asked to notify the railway administrative departments in advance as follows:
(1) Passengers should inform the railway station’s ticket office of the need for taking a guide dog onto a train when buying a ticket, so the railway administrative department can arrange an appropriate seat in advance;
(2) If the passenger did not inform the ticket office or bought a ticket through other channels, they should call 12306 12 hours prior to the train’s depart time to inform the railway customer service center of the need of taking a guide dog, as well as the boarding date, train number and seat number.
(3) If the passenger did not contact the railway customer service center in advance, they should ask for help from the railway station’s staff when taking a train.

3. In order to ensure passenger safety, a passenger with a guide dog shall be accompanied by an adult capable of looking after the guide dog in any of the following conditions:
(1) The passenger will be aboard the same train for over 12 hours;
(2) The passenger bought a connecting ticket each portion of which is less than two hours and the entire trip is over 12 hours;

4. The passenger with a guide dog or the adult accompanying him/her is responsible to look after the guide dog in the railway station or on the train. It’s preferable to set the guide dog under or near the passenger’s seat on the condition that it will not block the aisle or door, and that it shall not occupy a seat or run in the train.

5. To maintain order in stations and trains, please cooperate with railway staff as follows:
(1) show the following credentials when entering the station and boarding a train: a valid identification document used for buying a ticket, a disabled certificate, a guide dog work permit and animal quarantine and health certification;
(2) undergo a security check with the guide dog when entering the station;
(3) fasten the guide dog leash and harness before entering the station or boarding a train.

6. The railway staff should arrange a relatively spacious seat for the passenger taking a guide dog if conditions permit; if the passenger has a companion, the staff shall seat the companion as nearby as possible. When possible, the seats shall be of the same class, but staff shall ask permission from the passengers in advance if there is a fee difference between the two seats and any fee difference shall be handled in accordance with regulations.

7. To protect passengers’ safety and railway operation the passenger with a guide dog and other passengers shall abide by the related regulations of railway authorities and public security and follow the instructions of railway staff.

8. The disabled persons’ federations at different levels shall coordinate the related units for the approval and issuing of guide dog work permits and assist the railway departments in the management and promotion of taking guide dogs onto trains.

9. This regulation is effective as of May 1, 2015.

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