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Lanzhou Wanhua Sino-Canadian International School

Updated: Jul 9, 2019 Print
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Lanzhou Wanhua Sino-Canadian International School was the first Sino-foreign cooperative international school in Gansu province.

The school is located in Qilihe district, Lanzhou city. It absorbs the essence of Eastern and Western culture, fuses Chinese and Western education, centering on Chinese courses, to promote the deep cooperation of Chinese and Canadian education.

It strictly implements the “ordinary high school curriculum plan” promulgated by the Ministry of Education. In that specific curriculum setting, it fully reflects its own characteristics.

The main courses at the school include Canadian literature, sociology (Canadian history, geography and culture, occupation development, information technology), English writing (Western-style writing), environmental and ecological science.

In addition, a third of the school’s teachers come from Canada. Teachers directly participate in educational activities, and the education provided is not only a result of the teachers’ curriculum integration but also more like Chinese and Western cultural exchange, which creates a special educational cultural environment. Some education activities, such as graduation ceremonies and various festivals, are also available.

Address: 1119 Nanbinhe Middle Rd, Qilihe district, Lanzhou, Gansu province
Tel: +86-931-6117557/558

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