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Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum

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Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum

Address: 21 Dongjing Road, Xicheng district, Beijing
Website: (Cn)
Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 9:00 -17:00
Closed on Mondays, Lunar New Year’s Eves, and Lunar New Year’s Day
Email address:
General admission: Adults: 15 yuan ($2.29)/person
Students: 8 yuan /person
* Reservation on the museum's official WeChat account is needed

The Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum is located in the Temple of Agriculture. [Photo/]

Located on the west side of Yongdingmen Street in the Temple of Agriculture, which was used by Ming and Qing emperors to perform sacrifices, the Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum is affiliated to the Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage. It was officially opened to the public on September 25, 1991 and was China's first specialty museum presenting ancient Chinese architectural history and art, as well as architectural construction technologies.

This model of the Yellow Crane Tower, an iconic cultural landmark of Wuhan, Hubei province is on permanent display at the Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum. [Photo/]

With delicately-made models, diagrams, architectural components and photos, the permanent exhibition of the museum presents a grand view of China's ancient architecture and offers a wide range of knowledge on the history, styles, and craftsmanship of this unique form of art.

Another permanent display focuses on the venue where the museum is installed -- the Temple of Agriculture. It describes its history, the architectural style of the temple, and the cultural connotations of the Ming and Qing emperors’ using it as a place of worship of the God of Agriculture in their quest for bumper harvests in the late imperial era of China.

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