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Tianjin Machine Tool Museum

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Tianjin Machine Tool Museum

B Zone of Aviation Business District, No 8 Pingying Road, Dongli district, Tianjin
Building No 5, Tsinghua High-end Equipment Manufacturing Technological Park, East Section of Hongshun Road, Huaming town, Dongli district, Tianjin
Website (Cn): museum.test.bronet.cn/
Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 9:00 - 16:00
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays
Email address: tjjcbwg@qq.com
General admission: free

A Czech-made machine tool from 1952 is on display at the Tianjin Machine Tool Museum. [Photo /chinadaly.com.cn]

With donation of some 600 varied machines from his private collection, Wang Fuxi founded the Tianjin Machine Tool Museum in 2015 at two sites in Tianjin. The museum’s collection encompasses machinery of different sizes from all over the world, such as old sewing machines and old telephones. The oldest pieces in the museum are Swiss mechanical tools for making watches dating to the 1830s.

A Japanese machine tool from 1956, part of the permanent collection of the Tianjin Machine Tool Museum [Photo/museum.test.bronet.cn]

Through its displays the museum tells stories of changing times and the industrial development of China and the world in a bid to arouse patriotic and scientific enthusiasm through exploration of these industrial heritages.

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2020

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