2020 Northeast Asia Catering Conference & The 6th(Shenyang) Huajiao Catering Expo Conference will be held from October 24th to October 26th

Updated: Oct 16, 2020 Shenyang Daily Print

2020 Northeast Asia Catering Conference & The 6th(Shenyang) Huajiao Catering Expo Conference will be held at Shenyang New World Expo in Heping District from October 24th to October 26th.

This conference is supported by Shenyang Municipal Commerce Bureau, Heping District People's Government of Shenyang, Shenyang Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs; sponsored by World Federation Of Chinese Catering Industry, and Huajiao Academy; undertaken by Northeast Asia Catering Industry Committee of World Federation of Chinese Catering Industry; organized by World Korean Food Federation, Russia Federation of Chinese Catering Industry, Japan Chinese and Overseas Chinese Food Promotion Association, Korea Chinese Food Federation, Liaoning Hotel Restaurant Association, and CNSCA.

Huajiao Catering Expo Conference is the largest catering Industry-wide event in Northeast Asia. Hundreds of catering brands, more than a thousand of catering supply chain enterprises, more than 50 professional investing institutions, more than a hundred of commercial real estate and shopping centers, more than 50000 catering enterprises’ representatives from all over the country will gather in Shenyang for exchanges and cooperation during the conference.

There are lots of sections of the conference this year including the Northeast Asia Catering Industry Summit Conference, the Sixth Northeast (Shenyang) Catering Supply Chain and Brand Exhibition, the 2020 Northeast Asia Catering Industry Award Ceremony, 700CC Natural Soda Water Tea Super Brand Conference, the First (Shenyang) International Hotel Service Skill Competition.

Teng Fei, Director of the sponsor, said: "Huajiao Catering Expo Conference is even a business opportunity docking conference for the catering industry. This session of Huajiao Catering Expo Conference will provide a comprehensive docking platform for the catering brands of Northeast China going out, the catering brands from the domestic and foreign entering into Northeast China, and the cooperation between the upstream and downstream enterprises in the catering supply chain. It is worth mentioning that Feng Weidong, CEO of Tiantu Capital, will also come to this conference to look for investment opportunities. Feng Weidong is honored as "the first investor in the Chinese catering industry".The cases leading investments by him include Feihe Dairy, Zhouheiya, Pagoda, Xiaohongshu, Nayuki, and Jiangxiaobai.

At the same time, "Industry in Heping" -- Heping District of Shenyang City Catering Project Investment Promotion Conference will be released at the opening ceremony of the main forum of the Huajiao Catering Expo Conference. Heping District will provide the catering industry innovation and development base for catering practitioners, and gather the top resources of the industry to create a new name card of the catering industry of Northeast Asia.

It was also learned that The Northeast China Catering Big Data Report will be published for the first time during Huajiao Catering Expo Conference.The report will extract multi-dimensional data from Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang provinces, including head brand management data of catering industry, payments data, Spending-time data, and preference distribution to provide business support in all-formats of catering, including fast food, barbecue, hot pot, drink, Northeastern Chinese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Western cuisine, and Korean cuisine for catering practitioners, and help restaurant operators achieve better business performance.

(Du Yiming and Liu Yang)

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