Dalian Customs Seizes 184.8 Tons of "Foreign Garbage"

Updated: Oct 10, 2020 Print

According to Dalian Customs, Dayao Bay Customs recently seized 184.8 tons of solid waste prohibited from import in China.

According to reports, when customs officers inspected a ticket of nickel and cobalt powder (mixture) imported from foreign countries on the spot on the same day, they found that it was black powder with visible silver metal sequins, which was suspected to be solid waste prohibited from import, and immediately took samples for inspection. After analyzing the solid waste attribute of the sample, it is determined that it is the recycled product of unqualified battery positive electrode piece, which belongs to battery waste and debris, and the batch of goods is determined to be solid waste prohibited from import. At present, Dayao Bay Customs has handed over to relevant departments for further processing.

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