Watch it again: 'A Moon Moment to Remember' online concert |


Watch it again: 'A Moon Moment to Remember' online concert

Updated: Oct 10, 2020 Print

An online concert titled A Moon Moment to Remember was live-streamed on Sept 30, presenting two thematic shows: Ode to the Moon and Mountain, River and Moonlight.

The Ode to the Moon concert featured children choirs, demonstrations of intangible cultural heritage, Chinese folk music and Western music performances, as well as flying Kongming Lanterns to send good wishes. It celebrated families and the nation, as well as the pursuit of happiness and harmony.

Boasting a variety of content and forms, the concert Mountain, River and Moonlight offered wonderful performances of traditional classical repertoire and modern works. It integrated guqin, Kunqu opera, taichi, xiao (a vertical bamboo flute), horse-headed fiddle, cello and vocal performances, embodying the inclusive spirit of contemporary China. Each musical piece illustrated a unique story from traditional Chinese culture, which indicates the artistic pursuit of a "unity of man and nature" and the idea of connecting the ancient and the modern.

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