Tech used to facilitate employment services

Updated: Sep 28, 2020 China Daily Print

A Taiwan resident who graduated from Huaqiao University in Fujian province recently attended an online job interview via a smart phone-based information service platform, and was hired by a youth service center in Putian, Fujian.

"The mobile phone app has provided great convenience for us to find jobs in the Chinese mainland during the COVID-19 pandemic," the alumna said.

Since the app's new function facilitating online interviews was launched in June, it has helped 15 Taiwan residents get jobs in six companies based in the province in East China and other parts of the Chinese mainland.

The app is customized for people in Taiwan who want to work or live in the mainland.

It offers services in six categories including policies, communication, transportation, finance and life. It now has nearly 140,000 registrations by Taiwan users.

Developed by an information technology company located in the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone, the app is a successful example of the zone's efforts in promoting cross-Straits integrated development.

The zone has issued a series of preferential policies to offer Taiwan residents better employment opportunities and as a result has witnessed significant progress in cross-Straits trade and economic cooperation. It has attempted to award certificates to Taiwan residents, which are equal to their technical titles obtained in Taiwan. Those who are certified can enjoy the same treatment as employees of the mainland.

The zone has so far listed 95 vocational qualification certifications awarded in Taiwan that can also be recognized in the mainland, and issued 572 certificates.

Last year, Pingtan ranked first in Fujian for the largest number of Taiwan employees. The zone is home to a raft of Taiwan-funded businesses, including 62 architectural companies, seven environmental protection firms, 10 travel agencies, six hospitals and clinics and three institutions for preschool education.

Moreover, the zone has provided Taiwan people with many preferential policies in housing, children's education and other areas of life. For example, they can apply for public rental housing or low-rent housing, and choose schools from preschool to high school education for their children without paying tuition fees.

About 128 Taiwan workers live in public rental housing and 72 Taiwan children study in local schools.

An employee at a cross-Straits integrated circuit test center in Pingtan works on chips. JIANG XINHENG/FOR CHINA DAILY

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