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CIIE remains a magnet to global exhibitors

Updated: Sep 16, 2020 By Yuan Shenggao China Daily Print

Consumer Goods

The exhibition area covers more than 90,000 sq m. Nearly 900 exhibitors and over 2,000 brands from 80 countries and regions will participate. Exhibition areas booked by the world's Fortune 500 and leading companies will cover more than 25,000 sq m.

The exhibition will feature eight sections-household appliances and intelligent life, furniture and household goods, customization and fashion trends, gem and jade, sporting goods and games, beauty and personal care, cosmetics and household cleaning, and maternal and child products.

The household appliances and intelligent life section will showcase more than 200 brands covering an area of nearly 15,000 sq m.

The special section of sporting goods and games, which is designed for the first time this year, will cover more than 5,000 sq m.

The beauty, personal care, cosmetics and household cleaning sections will feature more than 400 brands and span some 30,000 sq m.

Featuring kids stationery, household goods, toys, skin care products and accessories, the maternal and child products section will cover nearly 3,000 sq m.

The furniture and household goods section will display more than 100 brands and account for 10,000 sq m.

The customization and fashion trends section will feature more than 100 brands and exhibit across 15,000 sq m.

The gem and jade section will display more than 300 brands across 15,000 sq m.

What they say

Jean-Paul Agon, chairman and CEO of L'Oreal. [Photo/China Daily]

The holding of CIIE as scheduled sends a clear signal to the world that China has recovered from the COVID-19 outbreak. It also shows China's determination to play a significant role in fueling global development with openness and a spirit of mutual benefit. CIIE capitalizes on the opportunities created by our increasingly interconnected world. Enhancing China's relationships with the rest of the world not only promotes trade and collaboration, but also stimulates the innovation that is essential to improving consumers' quality of life and tackling global challenges. In a modern world where difference is often emphasized, CIIE offers a valuable platform for all participating countries and corporations to embrace diversity and explore ways to create and share a brighter future.

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