Ordos joins with Pinduoduo to boost industrial development

Updated: Jul 3, 2020 Print

The government of Ordos city in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region announced on June 30 that it had reached a strategic agreement with Chinese e-commerce platform Pinduoduo, according to local officials.

Officials said that under the agreement, Ordos will join hands with Pinduoduo to create an open, collaborative and efficient business system and help promote the stable development of the regional economy. 

No precise details of the co-venture were immediately available, but officials said their upcoming cooperation will start with Ordos’ expansive cashmere industry and agricultural and livestock products. 

Ordos city is known as the "Cashmere Capital of China”. The cashmere fiber produced there has good elasticity, length, fineness, whiteness and luster, and enjoys great popularity among foreign traders. 

One third of China’s cashmere products come from Ordos and its output accounts for a quarter of the world's total. 

Jiu Ding, vice chairman of Pinduoduo, explained that his company will work with Ordos' top cashmere producers to develop a pilot of the platform's "new brand plan" in the city. 

Jiu added that they will implement plans for a series of regional excellent products to further drive its expansion into the domestic market.

At a signing ceremony for the accord, Liu Xiaofeng, vice-mayor of Ordos, said that the ties between the two sides would help Ordos overcome the impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic on its economic and social development – instead discovering opportunities from the crisis.

Liu also expressed his hopes that the scale and applications advantages of e-commerce in the sales and distribution of commodities would be brought into full play, to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of Ordos.

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