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Brief Introduction of Key Economic Development Zones

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At present,Wuhanhas established 3 state-level development zones and several provincial-level development zones. The blooming of the unique pillar industry of each zone has made vital contribution to the overall economic development ofWuhanCity.

Ⅰ  Wuhan East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone

Located at the southeast of Wuhan, Wuhan East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone has an overall planning area of 518 square kilometers, with Beijing-Zhuhai and Shanghai-Chengdu express ways joining in and several national roads surrounding, which forms a convenient transportation system. Through 20 years’ efforts, Wuhan East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone has formed a pattern featured with optoelectronic information industry as the main force and multiple industries developing simultaneously. Key industries in the development zone include: 1. optoelectronic information industry; 2. bio-medical industry; 3. new energy and environment conservation industry; 4. high-end equipment manufacturing industry; 5. high-tech service industry.

With solid scientific research power, Wuhan East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone provides special R&D fund to cultivate and attract advanced R&D centers, striving to be the R&D base in China for industries such as optoelectronic information, bio-medicine, environment conservation, modern equipment manufacturing, and high-tech agriculture. Holding first-class colleges and universities in China as well as innovative incubation mechanism, it has constructed a modern living and carve-out environment based on “people-first” principle, covering: 1. 56 national and provincial scientific research institutions; 2. 14 state key laboratories; 3. 1 state optoelectronic laboratory which is unique in China; 4. 65 national key subjects; 5. 15 national engineering technology research centers; 6. 5 national enterprise technology centers; 7. 42 higher education institutions of all categories, accounting for 80% of the total in Wuhan; 8. 57 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Ⅱ  Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone

Due to its large territory, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone has an obvious geographic advantage. With an overall planning area of 202.7 square kilometers, it is 15 kilometers away from the city center as well as Wuchang Railway Station, and 30 kilometers away from Tianhe International Airport.

By the end of 2010, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone had produced the first hundred-billion-RMB industry --- automobile industry, and its year round total industrial value above the designated scale reached 150.84 billion RMB. In the beginning year of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone plans to foster 4 hundred-billion-RMB industries, which are as follows: Automobile and spare parts industry, electrical and electronic appliances industry, new energy and new material industry, modern service industry.

Ⅲ  Wuhan Wujiashan Economic and Technological Development Zone

Located at Hankou, with an overall planning area of 497 square kilometers, Wuhan Wujiashan Economic and Technological Development Zone encircles Jiang’an, Jianghan and Qiaokou districts. Therefore, it enjoys a geographic advantage as well as convenient transportation, with Wuhan-Chongqing and Beijing-Guangzhou railways, Beijing-Zhuhai, Shanghai-Chengdu and Lanzhou-Hangzhou express ways, as well as 107 and 318 national roads going through, and Hanjiang River and Yangtze River neighboring around. Wuhan CPC municipal committee and municipal government have made the decision to build it into the largest area of Taiwan-funded enterprises in central China, the new “hundred-billion-RMB belt”, the “Two-Oriented Society” demonstration zone of Wuhan and an exchange platform for positive interaction across the Taiwan Straits.

During the period of the “Twelfth Five-Year” Plan, Wuhan Wujiashan Economic and Technological Development Zone will hold the opportunity of upgrading itself, conducting enhanced plan and high-standard construction. According to the spatial pattern of “expansion around one core, radiation by two axes, agglomeration of multiple clusters”, it will facilitate a new industrialization process, establish the largest processing base of high technology electromechanical products, production base of biotechnological food, and import and export logistics and trade center. By 2015, it will realize a total industrial value of 200 billion RMB, making it “the third polar” of Wuhan’s industrial development to drive the Great Hankou Area forward.

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