Gansu Geological Museum

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Gansu Geological Museum [Photo/]

Founded in 1943, Gansu Geological Museum is one of the oldest geological museums in China.

The museum is located in the No 6 Tuanjie Road, Tanjianzi, Chengguang District of Lanzhou city, covering a construction area of 12,568 square meters and an exhibition area of 4,860 sq m.

More than ten halls and galleries have been set inside the museum, including the preface hall, the gallery of the earth, the gallery of minerals and rocks, the gallery of gemstones, the evolution hall, the land resources hall, the geological environment hall, the mineral resources hall, a 4D dome theater and a temporary hall. Outside the museum there is a mineral grove and a stone-shadow carving wall.

The museum's collection includes over 30,000 specimens including geological and mineral, prehistoric life, minerals and rocks from Gansu and other provinces.

A large batch of national treasure level products such as the Daxiatitan, the Lanzhousaurus and the Gansus yumensis are exhibited in the museum. More than 20 films and videos featuring Gansu characteristics and originality, such as Gansu Geological Park and Gansu Land Resource, are played on a continuous loop. There are also a series of interactive programs combining teaching and recreation, such as Gemstone Anecdotes and Experiencing the Earthquake.

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