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Taiyuan Institute of Technology is located in Taiyuan City, capital of Shanxi Province. It is a full-time general undergraduate university highlighting engineering application majors, and is mainly managed by the Shanxi Provincial People's Government. The school provides classes in the eight disciplines of engineering, science, economics, management, liberal arts, law, arts and education, all supporting each other with coordinated multi-disciplinary development. The institute was among the first pilot colleges in Shanxi to promote the integration of education and industrial production with an application-oriented principle. It is also a demonstration university in Shanxi and a leader in deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform. 


Founded in 1954, the university was formerly called the Fifth Industrial School of North China, which used to be a key secondary school established during the first "Five-Year Plan" period in China to meet the needs of national defense construction. It was upgraded to a junior college in 1988 and began to recruit undergraduates in 1999. In March 2007, it was approved by the Ministry of Education to independently build itself into a full-time general undergraduate school and was renamed the "Taiyuan Institute of Technology". In 2015, it passed the qualified evaluation of undergraduate teaching work by the Ministry of Education. In 2015, it formally joined the Association of Universities (Colleges) of Applied Science, and in 2017, it initiated the establishment of the "Shanxi University Alliance of Applied Science" with some other universities in the province.

The school currently covers an area of 352,000 square meters, with 48,000 square meters of newly planned land and 318,000 square meters of total building area. The value of its fixed assets has reached 879 million yuan, of which the component for teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment is 183 million yuan. The library provides 1.59 million books (including electronic versions). A campus-wide computer network system and information management platform has been launched. An array of supporting service facilities has been continuously improved, with various teaching, living and sports facilities being upgraded.

The school has set up 13 colleges of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, automation, chemistry and chemical engineering, computer engineering, environment and safety engineering, material engineering, science, economy and management, foreign languages, design art, law and physical education. It also has two teaching departments — the ideological and political theory teaching and research department -- and a continuing education department. There are 39 undergraduate majors, which recruit students all over the country. A total of 16,066 full-time students are studying in the school. There are 823 faculty members, including 649 full-time teachers, 190 teachers with senior titles, and 606 with master's degrees or above.

Adhering to the teaching principle of "consolidating foundation, emphasizing ability, highlighting practice and encouraging innovation", the university carries out a practice-oriented teaching process. The school has been accelerating the construction of majors related to regional leading industries and emerging strategic industries, gradually forming a new pattern of coordinated development of six teaching disciplines, as it develops through construction of new disciplines and specialties. The school is now boasting a pilot major featuring comprehensive reform in local colleges and universities, an advantageous major among Shanxi's universities. A total of five high-profile majors in the university, namely applied chemistry, polymer materials and engineering, computer science and technology, electronic information engineering and automation are recognized as star majors in Shanxi.

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