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Gorgeous Identifications: A glimpse of the colorful Mongolian clothing culture


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Models in Darhan clothing [Photo/cctv.com]

Origin of the Tribe
In the Mongolian language, Darhan means loftiness, reverence, and inviolability. The Darhan people were affiliated with the Tüsiyetü Khan tribe of khalkha Mongolia before being subordinated to the Qing empire in 1653. The tribe has always inhabited the Ulaanqab grassland.

Features of the Clothing
Darhan robes have large hems and horse-hoof sleeves but without slits. Men’s robes are often in blue while women's are frequently grass green and azure. The styles of the waistbands vary by gender and age: men's waistbands are long and wide while women's are more narrow and shorter; young people like brighter colors, while the elderly prefer earth tones. As for boots, there are three popular styles in this tribe: ones with large sticking up toecaps, ones with small sticking up toecaps and ones with short boot legs.

Dressing Customs
Married and unmarried women have different dress codes. Unlike maidens who may wear simple forms of clothing and accessories, married women attending festivities are required to wear headgear and long waistcoats with decorations such as round silver waist ornaments (Mongolian: bel) and silver toothpicks on button loops.


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