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Gorgeous Identifications: A glimpse of the colorful Mongolian clothing culture


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Model in Ujimchin clothing [Photo/cctv.com]
Models in the white clothing of the Ujimchin tribe [Photo/cctv.com]

Origin of the Tribe
“Ujimchin” means “vine growers” in Mongolian. The Ujimchin people were part of Qahar during the Northern Yuan (1368-1635). In 1641, they submitted to Qing rule and were reorganized into the Ujimchin Left Banner and the Ujimchin Right Banner.

Features of the Clothing
Ujimchin costumes are famous for their flamboyant color, loose cut, fine workmanship and the unique designs of their ornaments (women’s silver headgear in particular). Perpendicular turndown collars stand out among the features of Ujimchin costumes. Robes, hats, shoes and boots are all embroidered with various, delicate patterns; button loops also vary in shapes. Three-color rims (mainly in yellow, red and green) and embroidered rainbow-like ones are generally adopted except for with leather robes. Both men and women like wearing white robes in suitable seasons, continuing the worship of the color white, a tradition in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).

Dressing Customs
Men tie their waistbands around their hips while women tie their girdles around their waists. Waistcoats play an important role in the costumes of this tribe. Unmarried women and men usually wear short waistcoats with four slits, while married women wear long waistcoats. In terms of designs, waistcoats can be divided into two groups: simple and plain for daily life and gorgeous and exquisite for ceremonial occasions. Male ornaments differ with age group. For steels (for flint), elderly men often use brass steels or red brass ones carved with cloud patterns; young men have large silver steels carved with patterns and inlayed with turquoise or red coral. Young men also commonly wear white windproof hats made out of lamb skin while elders prefer black ones.


People decked out in the winter gear of the Ujimchin tribe [Photo/IC]
People wearing the winter gear of the Ujimchin tribe [Photo/IC]
People wearing the winter gear of the Ujimchin tribe [Photo/IC]
People wearing the winter gear of the Ujimchin tribe [Photo/IC]




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