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Hospitals in Shanxi province

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Heji Hospital of Changzhi Medical College
Emergency Line: +86-355-2193120; +86-355-2093120
Add: 271 East Taihang St, Changzhi, Shanxi province

Changzhi Maternal and Child Health Hospital
Tel: +86-355-2043347; +86-355-2024068
Add: 48 Middle Weiyuanmen Rd, Luzhou district, Changzhi, Shanxi province

The Fifth People's Hospital of Datong
Clinic Appointments: +86-352-2389191
Add: 2669 North Wenxing Rd, Pingcheng district, Datong, Shanxi province

The Third People's Hospital of Datong
Tel: +86-352-5556001
Add: 1 Wenchang St, Datong, Shanxi province

General Hospital of Datong Coal Mine Group
Clinic Appointments: +86-352-12580; +86-352-7028731 (24 hours)
Add: 1 of the 7th Xinping Wangwei Rd, Datong, Shanxi province

Jincheng People's Hospital
Tel: +86-356-2024091; +86-356-2065213
Add: 456 East Wenchang St, Jincheng, Shanxi province

Jincheng General Hospital
Emergency Line: +86-356-3666666
Consultation hotline: +86-356-3668723
Add: Beishidian Town, Jincheng, Shanxi province

Jincheng Maternal and Child Health Hospital
Consultation hotline: +86-356-2095261
Add: 2753 West Fengtai St, Jincheng, Shanxi province

Xinzhou People's Hospital
Tel: +86-350-3095001
Add: 12 Jiankang St, Xinzhou, Shanxi province

Xinzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Tel: +86-350-3020962
Add: 3 West Heping St, Xinfu district, Xinzhou, Shanxi province

The First Yangquan People's Hospital
Tel: +86-353-3030018
Add: 167 South St, Yangquan, Shanxi province

Yangquan Coalmine Group General Hospital
Tel: +86-351-12320
Add: 218 North St, Yangquan, Shanxi province

Lyuliang People's Hospital
Tel: +86-358-8245001
Add: 2 Middle Binhebei Rd, Lishi district, Lyuliang, Shanxi province

Fenyang Hospital of Shanxi
Tel: +86-358-7222225
Add: 186 Shengli St, Fenyang, Shanxi province

The First People's Hospital of Jinzhong
Tel: +86-354-2053396
Fax: +86-354-2023874
Add: 689 South Huitong Rd, Yuci district, Jinzhong, Shanxi province

Linfen People's Hospital
Tel: +86-357-2695114
Add: West of the Rainbow Bridge, West Binhe Rd, Yaodu district, Linfen, Shanxi province

Linfen Central Hospital
Tel: +86-357-2999120
Add: 17 West Jiefang Rd, Linfen, Shanxi province

Yuncheng Central Hospital
Tel: +86-359-96555
Add: 3609 East Hedong St, Yuncheng, Shanxi province (east branch)
173 West Hongqi St, Yuncheng, Shanxi province (west Branch)

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