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Nam Co Lake, Lhasa

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Nam Co Lake

(纳木错 nà mù cuò)

Nam Co Lake,Tibetan for "Heavenly Lake"[Photo/VCG]

Nam Co, Tibetan for "Heavenly Lake", is often described as being next to heaven because of its lofty altitude, stunning beauty, pure blue water, and spiritual associations.

Located in Tibet autonomous region, Nam Co is Tibet's second largest lake and the third largest salt water lake in China. The lake is 4,718 meters above sea level, and covers an area of more than 1,920 square kilometers.

In the light of the early scientific research, the maximum depth of Nam Co was 33 meters. While, a resurvey in the latest two years found that the deepest part of the lake reaches 120 m.

The lake, with a water storage volume of 76.8 billion cubic meters, has the highest altitude for any lake of its kind in the world.

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