Measures for promoting high-quality talents entrepreneurship and injecting professional knowledge from abroad

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Chapter One General Principles

Article I 

The present provisional measures were drafted and adopted following the resolutions given in the official document File Number 2011-11 of the CPC Zhuhai Municipal Committee and Municipal Government.

The purposes are:

  • to bring in more highly qualified individuals to establish new businesses in Zhuhai;

  • to upgrade Zhuhai's development in human resources so that it may reach international standards;

  • to facilitate employers in hiring high level experts;

  • to invigorate local and regional economic development.

Article II

Applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. A Zhuhai Highly Qualified Talent Certificate must be obtained from proper authorities during a designated period of service.

  2. Possessing specific patents or intellectual property rights which may be useful in assisting China's economic and industrial development.

  3. After initial research, the project must start the new business in accordance with Zhuhai's economic vision; the applicant should own no less than 30 percent of issued stocks; and the investment amount must exceed 1 million yuan ($159,274).

Article III

For the purposes of this document, only these areas of expertise will be covered:

First, the areas in high-end manufacturing, high-end services, high-tech industry, or the areas that Zhuhai designates as being in the developmental stage or strategic emerging industries, important projects and the like; second, the domains of science, education, culture and health.

Chapter Two Financial Assistance

Article IV

Entrepreneurs interested in establishing businesses in Zhuhai may apply for funding up to the amount 2 million yuan, provided at the ratio of 1:1 in equivalent asset contribution to the project subsidized at the national or provincial level.

Article V

For special projects that have important strategic advantages in scientific knowledge or economic impact resulting in sizeable foreseeable profits, the amount of financial assistance may be as high as 20 million yuan, provided at the ratio 1:0.5 in equivalent asset contribution to the entrepreneurial team titled of "Provincial innovative Scientific Research Team".

Article VI

Rental assistance for business – rental aid will be provided at the rate of 30 yuan per square meter, with a limit of 500 sq meters.  For rentals below 30 yuan per square meter, a fair rate will be determined.  Rental aid period will be limited to three years.

Article VII

Rental aid for residential premises – the founder of High & New-Technology Enterprises (HNTEs)  can apply to live in Returned Scholars Apartments, rental free, within the three year period.

Article VIII

A new facility will be provided for scientific research and experimental purposes which will be open to all approved businesses and their qualified employees.

Article IX

Applicants and their family members (spouse and children) may be given a 2-5 year permit of "Foreign Expert Certificate".

Article X

In case there is repetition in benefits, those of a higher order will apply.

Article XI

Applications will be processed in accordance with official document File Number 2008-98 (Zhuhai Personnel Bureau). Entrepreneurial team will be administered by the municipal science and technology department.

Chapter Three Financial Subsidies

Article XII

Applications will be administered in an open and fair process which includes evaluation by qualified specialists and on-site inspections.

Article XIII

Applicant's personal qualifications should include the following:

  1. Bachelor of Arts/Science degree or higher, with five years or more of related working experience, including management positions.

  2. For language teachers a minimum of two years related working experience will apply.

Article XIV

Subsidies for individual projects:

  1. A subsidy of 50,000 yuan may be available for each foreign specialist working for industry development, with maximum amount of 150,000 yuan per project annually.

  2. A subsidy of 30,000 yuan may be available for each foreign specialist under the categories listed in science, education, culture and health class, and the maximum subsidy amount will not exceed 60,000 yuan per project annually.

  3. For projects already approved by national or provincial agencies a subsidy ratio of 1:1 may be allowed in equivalent investment.

Article XV

Areas of subsidy may include:

  1. Travel expenses for initial international flights;

  2. Room and board expenses in China;

  3. Internal transportation expenses;

  4. Certain proportions of payment, only for experts in industry development projects.

Article XVI

Evaluation process

  1. Public announcement of applications.

  2.  Acceptance or rejection of application by authorized body.

  3. Evaluation process.

  4.  Publicization of evaluation result for 7 days.

  5. Final approval by Zhuhai government.

Article XVII

Once an application has received its final approval, financial assistance will be provided after project operations, which may come at the end of year accounting practice.

Article XVIII

All requests for subsidies will follow the guidelines in accordance to actual amount, and within the stated maximum.

Article XIX

There will be a set calendar year deadline which applies to all approved financial assistance or subsidies. Such assistance or subsidies may not be carried forward to the following year.

Article XX

After project completion, a summary of the complete project with corresponding images needs to be submitted to the Zhuhai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau within one month, or new applications will no longer be accepted.

Article XXI

An annual review must be implemented by Zhuhai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in accordance with the annual project plan. Financial assistance or subsidies must be banned if there was improper use of funds or if operations have ceased. Deceit will be subject to corresponding legal liability.

Chapter Four Supplementary articles

Article XXII

This approach by Zhuhai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau is responsible for interpretation.

Article XXIII

Implementation of approach was on the issuance date (July 5, 2012).

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