Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on the Promotion of Civilized behavior

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(Adopted at the 19th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 5th Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress on December 25th, 2012 )

Chapter I General Principles

Article 1 In order to propel urban civilization construction, improve the level of urban civilization, develop the Chinese traditional virtues and promote social progress, these regulations are formulated in accordance with the basic principles of laws and administrative regulations, as well as the actual circumstances of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (hereinafter referred to as “Special Zone”).

Article 2 These regulations shall apply to promotion of civilized behavior of Special Zone. In absence of stipulations in these regulations, other relevant laws and regulations shall be applied.

Article 3 A working mechanism of unified leadership of Shenzhen committee of CPC, organization and implementation by municipal and district governments of Shenzhen, definition of responsibilities of concerned parties, and participation of the whole society shall be established for the promotion of civilized behavior. The inculcation of social morality, professional ethics, family virtues and individual moral character shall be strengthened. The role of citizens as main part shall be played. The citizens’ awareness of law, right, responsibility, commonality and democracy shall be enhanced by guidance.

Article 4 The municipal and district people's governments shall bring the promotion of civilized behavior into the national economic and social development planning, clearly define overall objectives, tasks and requirements, and formulate relevant policies and measures.

Article 5 The municipal and district people's governments, and the relevant state authorities shall establish and improve a long-term mechanism for promotion of civilized behavior, and make effort to realize a scientized, normalized and institutionalized promotion of civilized behavior.

Article 6 Enterprises, public institutions, and social organizations shall be given encouragement and support to play their own advantages, and actively participate in the promotion of civilized behavior.

Chapter II Encouragement and Promotion

Article 7 The civilized behaviors encouraged and promoted by these regulations include:

(1)loving the country, observing disciplines and obey the laws;

(2)observing the public order and maintaining the public environment;

(3)protecting the ecological environment and conserving resources;

(4)participating in social volunteer service, social welfare and social charitable activities;

(5)being honest, trustworthy, diligent and self-disciplined;

(6)being friendly, merciful, accommodating and ready to help others for a just cause;

(7)cherishing life and sticking to healthy lifestyle;

(8)other behaviors that are beneficial to harmonious development of nature, social and family.

Article 8 The municipal and district people's governments, and the relevant organs shall establish and improve civilized behavior reward and recognition system to standardize and integrate various activities of reward and recognition.

State organs, enterprises, public institutions and social organizations shall actively participate in or organize their personnel to participate in activities of public appraisal and recognition of civilized behaviors, in combination with the actual situations of their respective region, department, industry and entity.

Article 9 Enterprises shall be encouraged to reward and recognize their employees for the civilized behaviors.

Where an enterprise with the municipal or higher honorary title of construction of spiritual civilization pays it's employee(s) bonus , it may draw the bonus from wages based on benefits and calculate the bonus in the cost of production.

Article 10 The municipal and district people's governments, and the relevant entities shall guide social organizations to participate in the urban civilization construction, take measures to foster various social welfare and charitable organizations and encourage public charitable organizations to play their role in the process of urban civilization construction.

Article 11 Record file of civilized behaviors shall be explored and established. Individual civilized behaviors shall be recorded according to the principle of free will.

An individual who conducts civilized behavior(s) may be rewarded bonus, honor of recognition, credits for getting registered permanent residence of Shenzhen and so on....

Article 12 Blood donation, bone marrow donation and organ donation shall be encouraged.

Any individual, who has donated blood, bone marrow or/and organ(s), shall together with whose spouse, child/children and parent(s ) have the priority or preferential treatment in bone marrow, organ transplantation and blood use.

Article 13 The municipal and district people's governments, and the relevant entities shall establish and improve the system of helping advanced individuals in civilization who have difficulties, and take measures to help protect their legitimate rights and interests, and to solve their practical difficulties.

Article 14 The municipal and district people's governments shall take measures to improve the community environment, develop community service, maintain orders in the community and create community culture

Article 15 Residents' committees and community workstations shall actively organize civilization cooperation with entities in their communities or areas, mutual help and sodality in neighborhood community and other activities to promote construction of harmonious communities, construct harmonious interpersonal relationships, and cultivate behavioral habits of civilized communication.

Article 16 In order to promote the social participation in volunteer service, establishment of various social volunteer service teams shall be encouraged and supported, the field of voluntary service shall be broadened and methods of volunteer services shall be innovated.

Article 17 The consciousness of civilized behaviors in public places shall be cultivated. People shall arrange themselves in orderly lines and shall not talk loudly in public places.

Relevant entities shall provide convenience when volunteer service organizations and other social volunteer organizations are giving guidance to civilized order and other volunteer work in public places according to the relevant provisions.

Article 18 Entities and individuals shall be encouraged to carry out propaganda activities of civilized behaviors to promote the construction of urban civilization. Publicity of deeds of moral model, civilized citizen and other outstanding individuals, and publicity of experiences of advanced entities in civilization shall be encouraged.

Article 19 Newspapers, radios, televisions, websites and other public media shall actively publicize the construction of urban civilization through forums, columns, public service advertising and other forms to create an atmosphere of encouraging and promoting civilization in the whole society.

The specific period of time, layout and frequency of public service advertising in publication and broadcasting shall be executed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the municipal people's government.

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