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Shenyang embraces best bird-watching season

Updated: Mar 14, 2019 Print

Entering March, Shenyang becomes an important spot for migratory birds in northeast Asia, ushering in the "best season for bird-watching". 

Millions of birds stop here for winter every year, according to the Shenyang wildlife protection management station.

Observations of wild animals in recent years have shown the number of species and populations of wild birds in Shenyang have increased, with the number of species reaching 340, 50 more than that in 2008. Among the birds under state protection are the oriental white stork, black stork, white-headed crane, red-crowned crane, and white crane.

Below are some good places for bird-watching in Shenyang. 

Wolong Lake Reservoir in Kangping county 

Woolong Lake Reservoir is the largest freshwater lake wetland on the plain located in Liaoning province, and also an important stop and breeding ground for birds migrating in east Asia. 

There are five kinds of birds under first-grade state protection, the white crane, red-crowned crane, white stork, black stork, and white-headed crane, as well as 19 species under second-grade protection. Of these, the number of white cranes, one of the world's endangered species, reached 2,000, two-thirds of all white cranes in the world. 


Wolong Lake is a haven for migratory birds. [Photo/VCG]


There is a road around the lake and a bird watching platform, which was built when its first bird-watching festival was held in 2012. 

Address: Wolong Lake provincial natural reserve, Kangping county, Shenyang, Liaoning province

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