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Shenyang Tanbo Art Farm

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Picturesque tanbo art at Shenyang Tanbo Art Farm [Photo/IC]

Shenyang Tanbo Art Farm is composed of a tanbo art viewing area and leisure display area. With the concept of natural ecology, it aims to create an ecological paddy field integrating primitive farming and livestock breeding with eye-popping art.


A piece of tanbo farm art reflecting Confucius, renowned Chinese social philosopher [Photo/VCG]

Tanbo is a form of rice paddy art with origins in Japan. Farmers plant varieties of rice paddies with different colors, which grow and create magnificent giant organic pictures in paddy fields. 


A tourist in Shenyang admires tanbo farm art in the form of Doraemon, a magical cat character from the Japanese manga series of the same name. [Photo/]

Based on the innovative rice culture, the farm has created numerous picturesque tanbo art which has already stunned the world. A heritage site of Xibo culture, the farm is a showcase for the town's long and bright history of farming.

Address: Xibo town, Shenbei new district, Shenyang, Liaoning province

Opening hours: 8:30 -- 17:30 on weekdays; 8:00 -- 18:00 on weekends

Ticket price: 68 yuan ($10.12)

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