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Recommended places for barbecue in Jinan

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There is no better way to spend your weekends than to have an outdoor barbecue (BBQ) in early spring with your family and friends, spicing up your gourmet experience with barbecue delicacies in the dazzling spring time. Here are some recommended places to enjoy barbecue in Jinan city. 

1.Yellow River Forest Park

Located at the north bank of the Yellow River in Jinan, Yellow River Forest Park is filled with the joys of spring. Covering an area of one square kilometer, the park has a total of 300,000 trees of various kinds. It has luxuriant green leaves and natural fresh forests, refreshing visitors' minds with delicate fragrance. The park has a newly-built 5,000-square-meter barbecue area with a full range of barbecue tools.

BBQ tools: Rent or bring your own

Fee: 5 yuan ($0.72);

Self-drive route: Drive northward along the Hero Mountain Road, pass the Jingwei 2nd Road, Tiancheng Road, Jiluo Road, and arrive at the west of the Luokou Pontoon Road.

2. Huangchao Reservoir


Located in the south of Liubu town, Licheng district of Jinan, Huangchao Reservoir Scenic Area is named after Huang Chao who led a peasant uprising in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). 

The reservoir is near mountains and surrounded by rivers, where you can enjoy fishing and eating lake shrimps, river fishes, pheasants and potherbs at farmhouses. You can enjoy the mountains, the picturesque scenery and listening to the sound of waterfall.

BBQ tools: Bring your own;

Fee: Free;

Location: South of Liubu town, Licheng district, Jinan.

Self-drive route: Drive straight eastward from Damentou for a few kilometers after Liubu Bridge, go upward when you see Xiyuan Hotel, stop at the Water Cloud Waterfall.

3. Xiaomenya Scenic Spot


There are farmhouses everywhere in Xiaomenya and you can go boating free of charge after dining. You can also take back home some fresh fruits from the mountains. There are fruits freshly picked by local farmers on roadside stalls if you head to Liubu town as well as spring water to drink.

BBQ tools: Rent or bring your own

Admission fee: Free

Self-drive route: Drive from the South Second Ring Road to the No 103 provincial road and go straight southward. 

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