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Traditional Chinese culture sparkles in Pingyao

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Eating & Drinking

Pingyao beef is well known as early as the mid-Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). [Photo/]

Pingyao beef has whet many an appetite with its tender texture and rosy color. A strictly controlled material selection and production process has made Pingyao beef nationally renowned. The traditional processing techniques, which are still in use today, have been recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage.

Yougao fried cakes are popular in Jinzhong. [Photo/]

Yougao, orfried cakes, is homophonic to gaosheng or bubu gaosheng, meaning "may your every step bring you to higher ground".The fillings, like bean or date paste, are usually sweet. Yougao are an essential customary treat for Jinzhong people to entertain guests and celebrate holidays.

Kaolaolao is made out of oat flour and gets its name from its round basket shape. [Photo/]

Kaolaolao is made from oat flour, which is kneaded and molded into a tubular shape on the floor, several inches long and thin, and light yellow in color. It is then placed side by side in a steamer. For eating, it is dipped in mutton or mushroom soup and is very tasty when fresh.

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