Kaifu Temple

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The 1,400-year-old Kaifu Temple has a total floor space of 32,000 square meters, and can permanently accommodate more than 100 monks. The temple not only meets the needs of believers by providing a chance to venerate Buddha on a pilgrimage and listen to scripture, but also serves as a site for tourists. The overall planning and design of the new Kaifu Temple is as an antique complex with the major style of the royal gardens of the Ming and Qing dynasties, which is a typical layout of Han Buddhist temples. The temple can accommodate more than 100 permanent monks. It meets the needs of various large-scale ceremonies, of believers who wish to worship Buddha, listen to scripture, and conduct cultural exchanges, attracting the public to see and appreciate cultural history. Endowed with a grand architectural space, exquisite Buddha sculptures, gorgeous Buddhist murals and architectural paintings, a strong religious atmosphere, elegant garden art and complete teaching facilities, the reconstructed Kaifu Temple, the first of its kind in Anhui province, is a representative Buddhist temple, a center for propagating Buddhism, and a religious place for public solace.

Address: No 77, Yulan Avenue, Shushan district, Hefei, Anhui province

Opening hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm

Tickets: 20 yuan ($2.91)/ person

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