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Manghe River scenic area

Updated: Aug.16, 2018 Print
Manghe River scenic area in Yangcheng county, Jincheng city, Shanxi province [Photo/VCG]

Located 33 kilometers south of Yangcheng county, Shanxi province, Manghe River scenic area covers 58 square kilometers and its main peak rises to an altitude of 1,572 meters.

The Manghe River scenic area is famous for its rich flora and animal species. There are 285 kinds of wild animals, including those under special State protection like black storks, macaques and golden eagles, and 882 kinds of seed plants such as Chinese yew, orchids and Chinese cornel dogwoods, which are widely distributed at the basin of Manghe River.

The scenic area has fascinating scenery all year round, especially the golden-painted forest in autumn. There is also a 10-km-long calcified canyon, which is the only one of its kind in East China.

The Manghe River scenic area was rated a national 4A tourist attraction in 2009.

Address: Manghe village, Manghe town, Yangcheng county, Jincheng city, Shanxi province

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