Wanfuzha Delicatessen

Updated: Aug 16, 2018 Print

Wanfuzha Delicatessen is popular among Yangzhou locals and famous for its soft and sticky pork head meat.

The delicatessen gets the freshest raw materials at 4 am from local slaughterhouses, making sure its customers can taste the ultimate delicacy of the meat.

After being totally cleaned, the fresh meat is boiled with seasonings such as anise and cinnamon. Insisting on natural cooking methods, Wanfuzha Delicatessen produces pig head meat that is always tasty but not always bright in color.

If you want to try this distinctive food, remember to go to the delicatessen early in the day for the meat is always in short supply.

Address: west of the Old Wanfu Bridge, Wantou Town, Yangzhou


The soft and sticky pig head meat served at Wanfuzha Delicatessen in Yangzhou. [Photo/Yangzhou Tourism Bureau]

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